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What brand is good for women's perfume? How to buy women's perfume?

2018-02-19 03:12:00

Perfume is a mixture of essential oils, fixative and alcohol and other liquids, aroma is mainly derived from flowers and plants, can emit a strong, lasting, pleasant aroma, can make people increase the beauty and attractiveness, some people say: "Perfume is women's clothes", so we can judge a woman's identity, temperament and taste with the elegance of perfume smell, choose the right bottle of suitable for their own use of women's perfume can greatly enhance their charm, but in the face of perfume flooding the market, how to choose their own aroma? It has become a problem for many women, and the following part will share with you what brand of women's perfume is good, and how to buy women's perfume.


According to the fragrance selection: there are many types of fragrance of women's perfume, there are single flower, mixed flower, plant, spice, citrus, forest, etc. Mixed flower is a combination of several flowers formed by the comprehensive fragrance, strong fragrance, can give people a wonderful feeling; Plant type mainly uses fragrant plants as raw materials, made of fragrance fragrance elegant women perfume can bring a pleasant breath; The spice type is made of herbs, cloves and other spices as raw materials, which can bring people a lasting emotion and yearning; Citrus type has the characteristic of fresh fragrance, can bring out a happy mood; Forest type mostly with oak and fresh green plants as the main raw materials, bring people far-reaching unpredictable and broad dignified temperament; So the purchase of women's perfume friends in the purchase should first consider what kind of feeling they want to give people, and then choose their own fragrance of women's perfume;


According to the taste selection: everyone in the selection of perfume, should be based on their own type, choose their own taste, women's perfume taste mostly to floral and fruity fragrance, elegant friends should buy by several floral perfume composed of flowers, it is mixed aroma as the main body, unique fragrance, elegant aroma, can be loved; The sweet girls should choose women's perfume with fruit, citrus and other as the main raw materials, sweet taste, after use, the whole body exudes a sweet smell, very suitable for girls to use; There is also a taste in women's perfume called salon fragrance, this aroma can make people easy to personality, the most suitable for PROM or party and other occasions to use;


According to the color and durability selection: we should also pay attention to the color and durability of perfume when purchasing women's perfume, high-quality women's perfume is clear and transparent, high clarity of the liquid, there will be no sediment, no pigment, not easy to change color, pure fragrance, there is no stimulating alcohol smell, durability can be maintained for more than a few hours.