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What causes the sound of the solid wood stair treads?

2018-04-19 19:12:21

What causes the sound of the solid wood stair treads? How to solve it?


There are no more than 4 main reasons for the noise of the stairs, which can be determined by elimination.


1: The fixed point is loose, this can be checked first, if it is, ask someone to re-fix it tightly.


2: The foundation plate is not smooth, the foundation plate is relatively thin, even if the following is not smooth, it can be pulled tight with screws. However, the pedal is solid wood, thicker, the base is not smooth, the pedal will not follow the fit, it is easy to produce gaps, but also produce friction. If it is, it's now only levelled with thin iron sheets.


3: The vertical board is low, there is a gap between the pedal, the pedal front mouth is low, the vertical board failed to withstand, and now the solution is also under the vertical board with a sheet pad.


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