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What color does blue go with

2018-04-08 00:00:30

Blue gives people quiet, elegant beautiful feeling, from the skin color of the white red skin color is more suitable for wearing blue clothing, let's see how to match blue clothing more color


Various kinds of clothing




The combination of denim blue + sapphire blue can be said to be a combination of blue and blue, but the color will not be repeated at all, because denim blue is washed with the texture of depth change, and the dress is a bright pure color, and the blue overlap of different textures in the same color system is very coordinated and fashionable.


White + Bright blue The combination of white and blue makes people feel extra clean and light, because this is the color of the blue sky, whether it is winter or summer clothing can use such a color combination!


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Gray + blue soft gray dress is easy to give people too plain, plain impression, then with a pure blue small coat is much brighter, and it appears very intellectual!


Pink orange + blue blue dress with a high degree of brightness, the coat should not be too bright, but want to be bright, then choose a little pink orange, both contrast, and do not lose harmony, remember that shoes or bags should also echo the coat color is perfect.


Lemon yellow + Blue If you feel that the combination of black and white gray and blue is too conservative, boldly try lemon yellow and blue color contrast, absolutely beautiful and fashionable, will become the focus of the crowd oh!