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What do 0-3 year old babies play? A collection of reliable toys

2018-03-28 03:12:33

Ke? Do the rough stuff instead! What do 0-3 year old babies play? Make sure Mommy changes to make sure toys! What is the baby playing? After reading the following, you will know that children are the best gifts God gives us. From the moment of conception of this life, from the moment we first hold the miracle of this life, our world becomes wider and richer. For the better growth of our baby, our care permeates all aspects of the child's growth. For children play, of course, we can not ignore, today, the following for you to introduce, suitable for the baby from 0 to 3 years old toys and games.


Just because a child is born doesn't mean he doesn't need toys. When the child is 1 to 3 months old, the mother can provide the child with colorful toys of different shapes, different sizes and different textures. Show your child some picture books and family albums, and play a variety of music to your child, which can stimulate the baby's brain development. Toys and activities for children aged 1 to 3 months 1. Pictures or books with contrasting patterns. 2. A variety of brightly colored toys that can be moved. 3. An unbreakable mirror that hangs over the crib. 4. Rattle. 5. Sing to your child. 6. Use a CD player, recorder, or radio to play a variety of music for your child. As the child grows older, we can provide him with more and slightly more complex toys.


Toys for children ages 4 to 7 months 1. A mirror that can be installed in a crib or playpen that will not break. 2. Soft balls, some can make a soft and pleasant sound. 3. Cloth toys that make sounds. 4. Toys with finger holes. 5. Musical toys, bell sandbells, tambourines (make sure the small parts don't come loose). 6. Transparent rattle, you can see the small particles that make a sound inside. 7. Magazines with bright pictures that you can show him. 8. Baby board books, cloth books or plastic books. The toys children need from birth to 7 months have been introduced above, so when the child grows to nearly a year old, what kind of toys should we choose for the child? During this period, the child's self-awareness and hand-eye coordination are gradually increasing, and Xiaobian will collect toys for babies during this period.


Toys for children 8 to 12 months 1. Folding toys of different sizes, shapes and colors. 2. Cups, buckets, and other containers that don't break. 3. Unbreakable mirrors of all sizes. 4. Bathtub toys that float, spray or fill with water. 5. Big building blocks. 6. A "game box" that can be pushed, opened, made sound and moved. 7. Squeeze toys that make noise. 8. Big dolls and puppies. 9. Cars, trucks and other car toys made of soft plastics must not have sharp edges or removable parts. 10. Balls of different sizes (but not small enough to fit in your mouth). 11. Board books with large pictures. 12. CDS, tapes, music boxes and music toys. 13. Push and pull toys. 14. Toys. 15. Paper tubes, empty boxes, old magazines, egg cartons, empty plastic drink/juice/milk bottles (wash them). Children learn during play. Choose toys that will enhance your child's creativity. By choosing a few simple toys for your child, you can encourage your child to develop his imagination. Children can be encouraged to play with soft toys such as blocks and dolls, which develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and a sense of accomplishment. Below we will introduce the suitable toys for 1 to 2 years old children.


Toys for children 1 to 2 years old 1. Board books with large pictures and simple stories. 2. Books and magazines with pictures of children. 3. Building blocks. 4. Inlaid toys. 5. Jigsaw puzzle. 6. Beginner tangram. 7. Some toys that encourage children to role-play (pretend) activities (lawn mowers for children, kitchen utensils, etc.). 8. Digging toys (shovels, buckets, etc.). 9. Dolls of different sizes. 10. Cars, trucks, trains and other toys. 11. Containers of various shapes and sizes that are not easily broken. 12. Bath toys (boats, other toys that float). 13. Balls of all shapes and sizes. 14. Audible toys for pushing and pulling. 15. Outdoor toys (swings, seesaws, etc.) 16. Simple children's tricycle. 17. String or S-link. 18. Stuffed animals. 19. Electronic organ and other instruments for children. 20. Large colored pens. 21. Toys. 22. Unbreakable mirrors of various sizes. 23. Dress up clothes. 24. Wooden spoons, old magazines, old baskets, and other safety items that children find in their homes.


Three-year-old children can imitate and cooperate, dexterous movements, and can use imagination in play. And children of this age are generally in kindergarten, and he loves to play the slide on the playground, love to play with the building blocks in the classroom, and love to play with sand and mud on the playground. He always wants to pack toys or books together. He likes reading books with pictures, especially books about cars, trains and cartoon characters. Toys or games for 3-year-old children 1. Building blocks, in the games that 3-year-old children love to play, there will be some hand-eye coordination to complete. 2. Drawing, children at this age have the ability to imitate drawing. You give him a picture of a kitten, and he'll learn to draw a cat, but it doesn't look like much. 3. Cloth dolls, cloth dolls that can change clothes, can not only exercise the dexterity of children's hands but also be conducive to the development of children's creativity. 4. Play with mud, no longer simply knead into a mud ball or mud ball, but will make something similar to his own favorite. 5. Play house, children will consciously claim their favorite role to play. 6. Tell them a story. 7. Tube tool combination, simple building combination, intelligence toy 8. Simple calculation number games and various Musical Instruments such as xylophone, iron harp, bell, etc. 9. Solve some simple riddles and enjoy the more complex pictures. Well, we will introduce children's games and toys here, if you want to know what toys are not suitable for children to play, you can read our January 19 headline article "The United States 2014 dangerous toys list came out, the three major buy toy minefields you stepped on? / reference book" The final Xiaobian should pay attention to children's toy safety issues.


Toy safety 1. Do not give children toys with small parts or corners 2. Choose toys for children according to age 3. Choose qualified toys produced by regular home

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