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What do you need to pay attention to when you go skiing in Longdunping

2018-02-18 08:00:00

It is a very famous ski resort in central China, near the province, near, there are a lot of ski resorts above, and the better one is Longdenping Ski Resort.


Ski equipment


Ski suit










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There are several ski resorts on the mountain, but for professionalism, you have to go to Yongdunpyeong International Ski Resort. The altitude is a little high, on the top of the mountain, about 2000 meters above sea level, if you walk up the mountain, you will be a little asthmatic. The ski resort is open from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m. and from 18 p.m. to 21 p.m.


In the ski resort to rent tools, you need to pay money, in addition, you can also hire a coach, but the coach's tuition is relatively high, hundreds of dollars an hour. During the day, the price will be higher, there will be more people to go, and there will be fewer people at night, of course, the price will be relatively cheap.


We apply for a card at the door on the first floor, the card is to recharge 500 yuan to enter, and then you can use the card to spend in the ski resort (including renting ski clothes, snow gear, please coach, buy snacks and drinks in the resort, etc.). After handling, take the escalator upstairs, the ski resort is on the top platform.


When renting snow gear, it is first to use the card to rent a pair of ski shoes, the size of ski shoes needs to be two sizes larger than the usual shoes, said to wear shoes 37, shoes will wear 38, then ski shoes will wear 39. The shell of ski shoes is hard, and the inside is warm material, which needs to be pulled tight at the back.


After the ski shoes are worn, your shoes can be put aside, or let the ski shoe rental staff help you put away, generally no one will touch your shoes, so don't worry. With your ski shoes on, you can move on to renting skis and canes. The rental space is across from the snowshoes. The process is the same.


After you get the full set of ski equipment, you can enter the ski field, once in the ski field, put the ski on the ground, and then the tip of the foot, align the heel of the shoe with the mouth of the back, and step down hard, your ski shoes are successfully installed on the ski board.


At night, there are not many people in the ski resort, and they are basically playing in the practice area, so it is not dangerous. At night, novices should try not to go on the slide, so as not to fall injured. You can go up during the day, but also be careful to avoid other people who are skiing in the practice area.

Matters needing attention

There are certain risks in skiing and you should pay attention to safety