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What does it mean that the natural gas water heater shows e1 and has an alarm

2018-04-08 20:48:54

1, the gas water heater shows E1, indicating ignition failure or halfway off. 2, gas water heater is not good ignition there are many reasons, water, gas, electricity on any aspect of the component damage, will cause the water heater can not fire. But now the quality of water heater components is generally improved, not so easy to break, in fact, many times the reason for not catching fire is because of water scale caused by hot water road blockage, resulting in water flow back pressure is large, large to a certain extent. 3, the water gas linkage device of the water heater will think that the hot water tap has been closed and the gas channel is closed, there is no gas, of course, it can not catch fire. If the hot water tap is fully turned on recently, the hot water pressure is small, and the possibility is greater. Now that the igniter is working, we can be even more certain. 4, it is recommended to clean and descaling immediately, you can buy a set of gas water heater free descaling device, use it to inject descaling agent to clean the inside of the water heater and the inside of the hot water road, simple and convenient operation, use it to clean regularly after, when you can avoid this problem again. A lot of people have used it. It works. Extended information: 1, the basic working principle of the gas water heater is that the cold water enters the water heater, flows through the water gas linkage valve body under the action of a certain pressure difference of the flowing water, promotes the water gas linkage valve, and at the same time promotes the DC power micro-switch to connect the power and start the pulse igniter, at the same time opens the gas transmission electromagnetic valve, and continues to automatically ignite again through the pulse igniter. Until the ignition successfully enters the normal working state, the process continues for about 5 to 10 seconds. 2, when the gas water heater in the working process or ignition process of insufficient water or water pressure, lack of electricity, lack of gas, hot water temperature is too high, accidental blowout and other fault phenomenon, the pulse igniter will detect the sensor needle feedback signal, automatically cut off the power supply, gas transmission electromagnetic valve in the case of lack of power immediately return to the original normally closed valve state, that is to say, the gas has been cut off at this time. Turn off the gas water heater for safety protection. 3, usually a qualified gas water heater, refers to the performance indicators in line with GB6932-2001 "household gas fast water heater" national standard requirements of the gas water heater, from the ignition state to enter the normal working state of the entire process is fully automatic control, no need to adjust or additional Settings, as long as the cold water switch or turn on the cold water source, Through the water volume adjustment device and gas volume adjustment device to adjust the appropriate water and water temperature, the gas water heater immediately in 5 to 10 seconds to enter the normal working state, while producing hot water. 4, once the above unexpected failure occurs, the gas water heater will automatically stop working within 10 seconds, and immediately cut off the gas to prevent the gas from continuing to flow out, and can not automatically restart, unless the above faults are artificially eliminated and then restart the gas water heater, can work normally, therefore, its working performance is more safe and reliable. Reference: Encyclopedia: Gas water heater