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What does loose bowels eat 7 big food relieve effectively

2018-03-20 09:36:50

Diarrhea is a more common symptom in our life, it is estimated that most people have had such a situation, usually do not pay attention to diet, eat too much raw and cold things, it will lead to diarrhea, what is good to eat when diarrhea, what things can eat, what things can not eat, then by the small series for everyone to answer it.


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2, pomegranate pomegranate taste sweet, slightly acidic, astringent, can produce fluid thirst, astringent and diarrhea. It is best for patients with diarrhea and abdominal pain. Especially the acid pomegranate can cure long diarrhea long dysentery, blood stool, proctosis, abdominal pain and so on.


3, apple apple in diarrhea, you can cut the apple into small pieces of small pieces, after the people into the pot for 3 to 5 minutes, to be eaten after the temperature, can effectively relieve diarrhea.


4, white porridge diarrhea can drink some salt white porridge, it is recommended not to put meat. Meat porridge will aggravate the burden on the stomach, abdominal pain after defecation, although the pain is relieved, but at this time the stomach due to inflammation and varying degrees of edema, if meat dishes, will aggravate the condition, so two to three days after diarrhea, the diet should be light, may wish to drink some white porridge, add a little salt.


5, pasta diarrhea needs to eat some relatively easy to digest food, pasta is a good choice. Noodles are nutritious and easy to digest, so eating noodles is a good choice for people with diarrhea. However, for people with diarrhea, eat noodles not too greasy, too greasy will increase the burden on the stomach.


6, bananas in general, bananas can treat constipation and promote intestinal peristalsis, but you can also eat some bananas when you have diarrhea, which can relieve the symptoms of stomach pulling.


7, carrot soup carrot is a good anti-diarrhea food, diarrhea friends drink some carrot soup, the nutrients contained in carrot can help stool shape, have a good easing effect on symptoms.


8. Probiotics In daily life, taking A-state based capsules of probiotics can effectively regulate intestinal flora, improve gastrointestinal function, protect and repair gastrointestinal mucosa, and effectively provide gastrointestinal health care.