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What equipment do you need to turn on a water bar?!

2018-04-17 19:12:48

The water bar must have the following equipment: 1, ice machine refrigerator hot kettle (large capacity of the kind) 2, juicer blender 3, beverage machine of the kind of machine 4, drinking machine of the kind of machine 5, press molding machine (to the cup packaging) 6, if not the water bar to provide tableware/cup of the kind also need to wash the cup/bowl machine knife, cutting board, simple capacity. Economic benefits: The cost of each cup of soda is 0.25 yuan, the retail price is 1.5 yuan, two people can make thousands of cups of soda every day, according to the daily sales of 200 cups, the profit of 200×1.25=250 yuan per day. Excluding workers' wages and raw material costs, the net profit is more than 180 yuan per day, and the sales season is from March to October every year, 7 months ×30 days ×180 yuan =37800 yuan. Marketing advice: 1, in the county, city bustling area, the face must be obvious, it is best to close to the school, because students accept new things faster. 2, the opening day can take free tasting and other promotional ways to let more people understand. 3, the decoration style is based on petty capital, in order to cater to the main consumer groups. Reference source: Encyclopedia - Water Bar