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What factors influence human creativity

2018-03-04 01:36:00

People's creativity is not out of thin air, just by chance inspiration to say that there is creativity is not convincing, then, people's creativity is affected by what factors? Only when these factors are clear, can we make targeted efforts and have greater creativity.




Influencing factor




Brain power




First of all, we must have a correct understanding of human creativity, that is, human creativity is not born out of thin air, but needs to be continuously accumulated, only after continuous accumulation, in order to innovate, accumulate and create attractive things, such as advertising copy, to attract consumers to buy a certain product or accept a certain service.


Secondly, knowledge is the first factor that affects people's creativity. In creativity, a person will absorb knowledge, consolidate knowledge and use professional knowledge to carry out creative work, so as to obtain certain creative achievements and form an inevitable knowledge backing or foundation, so that he can be more creative and the achievements of creativity can stand the test of time better.


Third, the second factor affecting people's creativity is intelligence, the so-called intelligence is the integration of human intelligence and a variety of other abilities, not only including people's observation of affairs, attention and efficient memory, etc., these are important factors affecting people's creativity, integrated is called intelligence.


At the same time, the third factor that affects people's creativity is the personality of the creator himself, a person with good quality is an important part of creativity, we can hardly believe that a person with a stain of character will create excellent work results.


In addition, the fourth factor that affects people's creativity is sentiment. If a person's sentiment is noble and admirable, then his creativity will not harm others, and sentiment will have an invisible influence in people's creative work.


In addition, the fifth factor that affects people's creativity is people's creative thinking ability. If a person has a lot of materials in front of him or a lot of knowledge stored in his mind, if he cannot carry out creative thinking, he will not be able to complete creative work results, such as designing and developing new products.


Finally, the sixth factor that affects people's creativity is the ability to think independently, which is very important. If there is no ability to think independently, there will only be piles of copied products, a group of people who are specialized in copying, not only will not promote social progress, but also seriously hinder social progress.

Matters needing attention

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