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What health care products do the middle-aged and the elderly eat

2018-02-24 04:48:00

People to the old age, the decline of physical function more need to pay attention to maintenance and health, especially the metabolic function of the elderly, so the elderly can properly eat some health products to supplement nutrition. This leads to nutrients are not easy to not absorb, it is necessary to add some additional nutrients, which is suitable for the elderly to eat health products? Kenten will introduce you.


Health care products suitable for the elderly


1. Ejiao. For some middle-aged and elderly women, eating more ejiao in daily life has a better effect on the health care of the body. Especially for those middle-aged and elderly women who have certain symptoms of anemia themselves, ejiao can be more effective in helping their body hematopoietic, so as to effectively improve female physique.


2. Calcium tablets. Whether it is middle-aged and elderly men, or middle-aged and elderly women, calcium tablets are very suitable for them to take one of the nutrients. Calcium tablets can effectively supplement the rapid loss of calcium in the body of middle-aged and elderly people, prevent various bone diseases of middle-aged and elderly people, enhance bone density, and improve the quality of life of middle-aged and elderly people are of great significance.


3, honey Honey is very suitable for the physiological needs of the elderly nutritional treasures, foreign studies have long shown that: with the growth of age, the human body's utilization of glucose significantly reduced, while the utilization of fructose is little changed. This shows that fructose and fructose-containing products are the most ideal sugar food for the elderly, which can not only provide energy and nutrients for the body, but also provide the body with a carbohydrate that is most suitable for saving protein, which may be the theoretical basis for many elderly people to eat honey. Honey enhances the resistance of the elderly and has a preventive effect on senile diseases. Regular consumption in the elderly can prevent cough, insomnia, blood disorders, indigestion, gastrointestinal ulcers, constipation and dysentery diseases. Therefore, honey is known as: "milk for the elderly" is well-deserved.


Men can choose to pre-regulate blood pressure and blood lipid health products such as: spirulina, three high products. People begin to gain weight in middle age, which means that people begin to gain weight in middle age, middle-aged people begin to reduce the amount of exercise, weight gain, easy to lead to high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. At the same time, people in this age group, when the three aspects of career, family and children worry the most, the stress is also the greatest period, need to help reduce stress, you can use some stress relief, such as a variety of plant extracts, B vitamins and so on. Women begin to enter menopause, you can choose menopause health food, sheep placenta, soy isoflavones and so on.

What should middle-aged and elderly people pay attention to when choosing nutrition products?

First, middle-aged and elderly people must pay attention to the manufacturers and quality of related products when choosing nutritional health products. Because now in China's nutrition market, the quality of various nutrition products is uneven, for middle-aged and elderly people, for their own health and interests, choose nutrition must pay attention to this problem.


Second, when the elderly choose nutrition and health products, they should focus on whether the relevant nutrition products are really suitable for them. Middle-aged and elderly people should choose the relevant nutrition products according to their actual conditions and needs, only suitable for their own nutrition and health products, can make middle-aged and elderly people achieve the best health care effect.

What effect does eating nutrition have on middle-aged and elderly people?

First, eating nutrition may not be able to help middle-aged and elderly people achieve any health care effect. For middle-aged and elderly people, the choice of nutrition is exquisite, what nutrition the body lacks, we go to supplement what nutrition, disorderly eating nutrition may not be good for the body.


Second, indiscriminate eating of nutritional supplements may cause some adverse body reactions. For middle-aged and elderly people, the various organ functions of the body are not as good as before, and too much intake of some nutrients that are not suitable for themselves may lead to some functional disorders of the body, and serious diseases may also be caused.

Matters needing attention

Tips: 1, do not take red ginseng, deer antler, deer fetus, purple Hecha (placenta) and other warm supplements without medical advice, so as not to cause sore mouth, sore throat, bad breath, dry mouth, nosebleeds, constipation, or sudden rise of blood pressure leading to stroke.


2, the elderly in the choice of supplements, must not blindly supplement, according to their own body, it is best to follow the doctor's choice, so as not to cause side effects, cause unnecessary trouble.