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What if the refrigerator door suction is insufficient

2018-04-12 06:24:47

How to do if the refrigerator door suction is insufficient, it will cause the cold air of the refrigerator to emit, greatly reducing the preservation effect.


First of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of the non-suction, that is, the refrigerator door deformation, the aging deformation of the door seal or the internal magnetic strip fracture, the drawer or food shelf in the refrigerator is not placed in place, or the food is placed too close to the outside, resulting in the refrigerator door can not be completely closed. The most common is that the refrigerator door cannot be completely closed due to the thick ice behind the drawer that causes the drawer to not be placed in place. If the refrigerator door seal is aging and needs to be replaced, you can either replace it after sale or ask a professional to replace it, or you can measure the length of the seal first, remember the specification and shape, and buy it from a local electronic market refrigeration component vendor or online shopping


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Hot water soaking method. Remove the refrigerator door, use a knife to cut the adhesion of the four corners of the door seal, and pull out the magnetic strip. Remove the door seal, soak the deformed seal in hot water at about 60 degrees Celsius, 7-8 minutes later, take it out, and gently straighten it on A flat counter with your hand. After cooling, the curved door seal will be flat and straight. If the thickness of the door seal is inconsistent, the thicker part should be pulled several times. After the door seal is straight, its length has increased due to stretching, and the excess part should be cut off when installing the refrigerator door, and the end should be at a 45 degree Angle. When installing magnetic strips inside the door seal, the side with large suction should face the box and be glued with 502 adhesive. The 4 corners can be heated with hacksaw blades and inserted in the corner joints, and the hacksaw blades can be drawn out after the door seal joints are melted, pinch for a while and then loosen, and the door seal will be glued.

Matters needing attention

If there is iron filings or metal powder adsorbed on the magnetic door seal, the refrigerator door can not be closed, you can attach white paper in the place without iron filings, use a brush or rag to sweep the iron filings to the paper, and then lift the white paper, the iron filings will fall off.