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What if the shutter doesn't pull down

2018-04-19 01:36:32

The use of the rolling shutter door is still quite large, what garage door ah, or shopping mall door ah, we have seen the shadow of the rolling shutter door, if the rolling shutter door is not pulled when what happened?


Now the rolling shutter doors are electric, not manual, unless there is no electricity, they are generally controlled by remote control, simple and convenient.


But sometimes when the power is out, we need to shake the rolling shutter door down with our hands, or we can't enter the house. The rolling shutter door has advantages and disadvantages.


There is another situation, that is, there is electricity, how to press the remote control of the rolling shutter door, the rolling shutter door is stationary, which is a more common phenomenon.


Everyone should understand that the rolling shutter door is electric, so there will be a small control computer at the top of the rolling shutter door, which is also a central controller.


This is echoed with the remote control in our hands, each other induction, sometimes we remote control press a few keys, or accidentally press a few keys at a time, resulting in garbled code situation.


The small control computer of the rolling shutter door is garbled, then how you press the remote control is useless, there is no effect, and the rolling shutter door is also motionless.


In this way, the solution is nothing more than two kinds, one is power off and then combined electricity, generally so that the garbled code can be lifted, so that it can not only shake down business processing.