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What is amber wax? How is wax formed?

2018-03-23 03:12:32

Amber is formed by natural resin after billions of precipitation, beeswax is a kind of amber, opaque and translucent amber called beeswax. This article mainly tells how the wax is formed, to help you further understand the wax.


Amber wax is fossil, is not renewable thousands of years ago, the Earth's climate is still in the tropics and subtropics, when vegetation is very lush.


Insects and small animals became active, and plants began to secrete oily resins.


Resin in the process of dripping, encountered insects, leaves, sand, water, air, with the change of temperature and pressure, the resin slowly produced qualitative change, become unstable resin fossils.


As the earth's crust moves, the trees wither, and the fossil resin is buried underground, slowly losing its chemical activity, and after a long time of fossilization, amber wax is formed.


However, not all resins form amber wax, and only a very small portion, under suitable burial conditions, can be fully fossilized to form amber ore.


Amber beeswax is mainly formed by the resin secreted by pine family, cypress family, Chinese fir family, legumes and other tree species, and some plant species have long been extinct, the geological conditions for the formation of amber beeswax no longer exist, so amber beeswax is a very cherished non-renewable.


In other words, the amber wax you have in your hands is the only one in the world, and it will be less and less! So, you know.


Is beeswax the same as amber? Amber and beeswax are a variety, because amber and beeswax chemical characteristics are the same, are internationally recognized organic gems. In Europe, more people call this variety amber, usually the transparent is called amber, opaque or translucent is called beeswax.


If you really had to pick a difference, beeswax contains more bubbles and more succinic acid, which is good for us, than amber.


Three thousand years of amber, wax? That's not true! First, the time for the formation of amber wax is at least 2,500 years, which is not enough.


Second, in a geological period, amber can be formed, and wax can be formed, that is, the content of the bubbles and succinic acid mentioned above is not the same.


Four, the royal family and celebrities, these people love wax! Since ancient times, amber wax is a traditional ornament worn by European aristocrat, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she is an amber fan.


An Internet search of photographs of Merkel shows that she is always wearing a wax necklace around her neck.


In the eyes of the royal family, wearing wax is a symbol of status.