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What is laser welding technology?

2018-04-20 12:48:58

Since the 1960s, with the birth of CO, YAG and other lasers, researchers have also quickly used it to welding technology, and then developed laser welding technology, its development and application for the welding industry has brought new hope, and was soon widely used in various fields. The working mechanism of laser welding technology is different due to the different operation methods of specific lasers, so it will be introduced here.


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Laser fusion welding technology uses laser as a heat source to melt part of the base material at the corner of the two plates to form liquid technology, and forms a more reliable welding technology after cooling. The technical principle is shown in the figure. There are many kinds of technology, common laser fusion welding technology, laser penetration welding technology and so on.


Laser remote welding technology is to install the galvanometer scanning head on the sixth axis of the robot, and use the lens swinging reflection to control the laser trajectory, and the robot arm does not need to swing accordingly. The efficiency of laser remote welding system is extremely high. Through practice, it is found that one set of system work is equivalent to 6-9 sets of ordinary robot spot welding. When the distance between the laser head and the workpiece is too far, more than 5dm, the service life of the lens can be properly protected, and the technical working principle is shown in the figure.


Laser and MIG arc composite welding technology is laser composite welding. The process complements each other through the interaction of laser and arc. The laser composite welding technology is more economical than the simple laser welding technology, the welding speed is faster, the welding process is relatively stable, and the thermal efficiency is high to allow a large welding assembly gap. The technical principle is shown in the figure.