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What is RTU and how does it work

2018-03-04 16:00:00

RTU English full name RemoteTerminalUnit, Chinese full name remote terminal control system. RTU has the characteristics of: 1, long communication distance, 2, used in a variety of harsh environment of the industrial site 3, module structured design, easy to expand 4, with remote communication, telemetry, remote control in the field of water conservancy, power dispatch, municipal dispatch and other industries widely used. RTU(RemoteTerminalUnit) is a remote measurement and control unit device, responsible for the monitoring and control of field signals and industrial equipment. Compared with the commonly used programmable controller PLC, RTU usually has excellent communication capability and larger storage capacity, suitable for harsher temperature and humidity environments, and provides more computing functions. It is because of RTU perfect functions, in SCADA RTU products (supervisorycontrolanddataacquisition) to get a number of applications in the system. A remote terminal device (RTU) is an electronic device installed on a remote site to monitor and measure sensors and devices installed on a remote site. The RTU converts the measured state or signal into a data format that can be sent over a communication medium. It also converts the data sent from the central computer into commands to realize the functional control of the device. Supervisory control and data acquisition is a broad term applied to systems that allow for the central control and monitoring of equipment installed at remote sites. SCADA (supervisorycontrolanddataacquisition) system can be designed to meet various applications (water, electricity, gas, alarm, communications, security, etc.) and meet customer requirements of design index and operation concept. SCADA systems can be as simple as a single switch connected at a remote end by a pair of wires, or as complex as a computer network consisting of a number of wireless remote terminal devices (Rtus) that communicate with powerful microcomputers installed in the central control room. Remote terminal equipment of SCADA system can be implemented with various hardware and software. This depends on the nature of the controlled site, the complexity of the system, the requirements for data communication, real-time alarm reporting, analog signal measurement accuracy, condition monitoring, regulatory control of the equipment and switching control.