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What is scallop price scallop how much a catty

2018-01-01 04:48:00
Scallop, also known as scallop or yuan shell, is a very high rate of Chinese New Year consumption of food materials, is a kind of dry goods with scallop, Jiangyao shell and Ming shell in shellfish, cooked to peel off its closed shell muscle and wash and dry.

Scallops is actually a general term for a variety of shellfish closed shell muscle dry products; Because of its delicious taste, it is known as the "best seafood" reputation, and it is also one of the "sea eight treasures" we say. Its taste, color and shape are similar to sea cucumber and abalone.


Due to different market conditions, prices in different regions will also vary. One centimeter in diameter is about 200 yuan a catty. The cheapest is only one hundred and twenty-one catties, and the better quality can buy seven or eight hundred and eight catties. Scallops will cost more if they are given as a gift. 850 yuan per catty.


In the supermarket, the price of small scallops is 145 catties, the medium scallops are 260 catties, and the large scallops are 400 catties.