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What is shoe eur43

2018-02-17 12:48:00

Shoes eur43 refers to the size of shoes. EUR=Europe, European, is a coding system for the size of shoes. 40,41 size shoes. I'm using EUR. EUR (Europe) 43 is a shoe size 43. The shoe sizes adopted by countries around the world in 2013 are not consistent, but generally include both length and width measurements. Length refers to the length of the wearer's foot, and can also be the length of the maker's last. Even in the same country/region, different groups of people and different uses of shoes, such as children, sports shoes, there are different shoe size definitions. It should be noted that the old code in mainland China and the European code (France code, EU code) are fundamentally different, and should not be confused or used instead of each other. Hong Kong, China has been following the European size system, with European size as the standard unit. Japan and China's new shoe size is the same, using Mondopoint as the standard 5mm base. Expanded information: Shoe size comparison table: Reference source: Encyclopaedia - Shoe size Encyclopaedia -eur (short for Euro) Encyclopaedia - Shoe size