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What is Sports marketing fighting for?

2018-04-15 06:25:00

With the development of China's sporting goods market and the intensification of industry competition, the major sports brands - global brand network - are increasingly competing for sports events. As far as the Vancouver Winter Olympics are concerned, Nike is the sponsor of China's short track speed skating program, Reebok sponsored the Chinese ice hockey team, 361 degrees signed the Chinese curling team, Li Ning is the sponsorship partner of the Swedish delegation, and Sweden has always been a sports power in the Winter Olympics. It shows that the strength of the major sports brands in the competition arena can be described as "sparks splashing". As the saying goes, "no profit can't be made early". Sponsoring sports events and competing for sports marketing can bring what benefits to brands and enterprises? What should sports marketing pay attention to?


Sports marketing is a kind of strategy in enterprise management. It is a systematic engineering that relies on sports activities, combines products with sports, integrates sports culture with brand culture, and forms a unique enterprise culture. At this point, Coneydon has done a very successful job of accurately understanding the scope of sports marketing and mining and investing in event selection according to its own conditions and characteristics. It transfers the resonating emotions that consumers have for sports to the products and brands themselves. Such emotional marketing is already the cultural sales of the enterprise itself, and first-class enterprises rely on culture.


Sports inspire personal emotional attachment, and sports marketers can associate the brand of the business and the product with the excitement, motivation and emotion of the game.


Sports generally attract and clear all the elements of life, can cross the barriers of culture, belief, race and other barriers, if you want to find a common language of communication in the world, it must be sports, it is sports culture this fair, equal and boundary-free communication function, so that sports marketing round the brand dream of many businesses.


On the other hand, as a sports event with the function of media, due to the difference in the popularity of the group, the level of specifications and attractiveness of the event, its communication ability and commercial investment value vary greatly. As a company involved in investment, it is more urgent to find value and win returns from it.


An important trend of general marketing is from the direction of "advertising" marketing to "business" marketing, which can establish the public welfare image of "moral" and "social responsibility" of enterprises, and sports marketing is catering to this trend;

Matters needing attention

There is no doubt about the commercial charm of sports marketing, but only by following a certain marketing model can it achieve the marketing goal and minimize the risk. In any case, sports marketing will bring sponsors a collection of "wisdom, luck and strength" as one of the brutal marketing war. After the South African World Cup brought us sports marketing impact and thinking, foreign enterprises will usher in another marketing opportunity provided by the Asian Games. Are we ready?