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What is the best underwear to wear to protect your butt

2018-03-13 08:00:00

If you don't wear briefs when exercising, what underwear should you wear? The best choice of sports underwear, it is in important parts with three-dimensional cut triangle cup support, left and right each have loose ribs to support the buttocks.


First of all, note: it is best not to wear ordinary briefs when exercising. Reason: Wearing ordinary briefs when exercising is a mistake that many people are prone to make! The reason why it is wrong is because wearing thin and unsupported triangular style underwear when exercising, there is nothing wrong when you are young, and you do not have to wait until you are old and yellow, your hips will be in line with the center of the earth because the elastic fiber tissue is relaxed and the support force is not enough.


Secondly, pay attention to: different sports to wear different underwear Then, when sports do not wear briefs, what underwear should be worn? The best choice of sports underwear, it is in important parts with three-dimensional cut triangle cup support, left and right each have loose ribs to support the buttocks. Moreover, different sports should also choose different performance underwear oh.


Spinning cycle: It is appropriate to choose good breathability, flat foot underwear choose better breathability flat foot underwear is more suitable, because this sport physical consumption, body temperature rise fast, if the underwear is not breathable, local like a small steam cage, not only uncomfortable, or affect the "ability to make people" oh. Those who are truly professional spinning instructors will choose underwear with pads on the inner thigh, which can greatly reduce the discomfort caused by the close contact between the thigh and the cushion during exercise.


Yoga, Pilates: should choose loose, elastic underwear If it is yoga or pilates this kind of action range is relatively large, but the slow movement, perspiration and breathability is no longer the focus of attention, whether the underwear is loose or elastic how to become particularly important. Otherwise, it won't be so easy to make difficult looks. Imagine how painful it would be to have a hairy crab tied up doing yoga.


Boxing exercise, pedal exercise, Latin dance: it is appropriate to choose loose, seamless T pants boxing exercise, pedal exercise, Latin dance... With the music to vent the anger that has been held in for a day, I feel that the fat on my body is getting tighter and tighter. But don't forget, underwear should also be stylish. If you like to wear tights to show your figure, then a "big look invisible" T pants are essential. On the lead stage, neither male nor female coaches are willing to let the underwear line steal the spotlight of the body line under the tights.


Swimming: It is appropriate to choose breathable, waterproof underwear soaked in the water, fantasizing that he is Thorpe, no shark suit does not matter, a set of breathable and waterproof swimming clothes, not only can reduce the body by the bacteria and disinfection chemicals in the pool, but also can make the body more comfortable.


Outdoor sports: it is appropriate to choose cotton, sweat absorption underwear blue sky, sunshine, outdoor sports to put on a good isolation cream, sunscreen has become a basic course, but the place that can not be exposed can not become a forgotten corner. In the intense outdoor sports, the part closest to the skin of the body is most afraid of being sweaty for a long time "care", so cotton and sweat sports clothes, especially do not forget: a cotton sports underwear is more essential. Just like the home quilt will be damp for a long time, cotton sports underwear will also adsorb sweat during exercise. However, if it is pure cotton, it may be "more than sweat absorption, insufficient sweat", so there is also a saying that when climbing the snow mountain, cotton socks and cotton underwear will become "invisible killer", you may wish to study it well.