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What is the difference between an agent and a distributor?

2018-04-01 22:24:41

After the network entered thousands of households, it became easier to query information, easier to shop online, and easier to do business. Now also has a lot of new terms, new areas, in the operation of the recommended to find a formal platform.






In general, it is the same, because it is the agency and distribution, but the words are different; If you have to say a difference, then you can consider their real differences from the following points.


First, the agent this agent default is can wholesale can also recruit agents, you can multiple agent purchase, you can also send a piece. Now the network shop a lot, the competition is great, can open a hair for the business is also said to be a very desirable way, for retail, is also a very good way.


Second, the distributor generally refers to the right to apply for opening directly inside the shop, only when the distribution is opened can the products inside the product or view the purchase price of the distributor and the products that can be distributed directly with one click.


The agent focuses on wholesale, distribution focuses on single shipment or designated product distribution operations, and there is little difference overall; Now many shops are slowly integrating these two rules.


The network is a big platform, but also a place to hide risks, encounter some information said particularly good and special temptation, it is not recommended to click or spend money to operate directly. You can first understand, first query, and then test when there is no harm, do not invest at will, which may cause unnecessary losses.

Matters needing attention

Understand before you operate


Don't invest carelessly