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What is the end of the spicy deformation meter Guan Xiaodi Liang Dawei half ending not together

2018-05-05 04:48:27

Mala deformation meter finale is: Du Teng to the fire shield Guan Xiaodi, Liang Dawei, Cui Tianqi, Zhang Yan, Ma Li and other commendations, Xiong Kuohai also praised the people completed the deformation. People were laughing and playing by the sea. Guan Xiaodi, Liang Dawei finally have not together in the TV series did not explain. Final plot introduction: Xiong Kuohai took the box to see Wu Fei, Wu Fei every way to humiliate Xiong Kuohai, and let Xiong Kuohai kneel. Xiong Kuo sea really gave Wu Fei kneel down. Wu Fei put play bright, play bright in front of Xiong Kuo sea cry confession. Hassan got a tip, arrived with his hands, and fought with Wu Fei and others. Hassan took out a pistol to Wu Fei shot, Xiong Kuo sea in time to stop, but he was wounded. Fire shield Guan Xiaodi, Liang Dawei and others also arrived to join the war group. Guan Xiaodi, Liang Dawei snatch password file box, get on the car and go. Hassan and two of his men hurried into the car to catch up. Liang Dawei developed excellent driving skills, Hassan followed closely. Guan Xiaodi is in the car. Emergency pass. The rest of Hassan's men who fled fled, and those who were subdued were subdued. Wu Fei came to Xiong Kuo sea for his injury, crying repentance. The police arrived and Wu Fei was arrested. Guan Xiaodi and Liang Dawei stop in front of the AK Fight Gym and enter the AK fight gym. Hassan followed and found the man gone and the box on the table. Hassan picked up the box and found that there was a problem with the box, at this time there were armed special police around, Hassan had to surrender. Originally Guan Xiaodi in the car good police, the police have been ambushed in advance. Du Teng to the fire God shield Guan Xiaodi, Liang Dawei, Cui Tianqi, Zhang Yan, Ma Li and other commendations, Xiong Kuohai also praised the people completed the deformation. People were laughing and playing by the sea. Expanded information: Synopsis: a chance "sexy goddess" Guan Xiaodi contact the bodyguard industry, and enter the bodyguard training under chance coincidence, and then meet the other four beautiful girls with unique skills. In the unusual devil training, Guan Xiaodi and her small partners were physically crushed, self-esteem was broken, personality was reshaped, and they gradually grew into qualified female bodyguards from inexperienced young girls. After suffering, the five sisters reborn in the final examination encountered an emergency, there must be a person sacrifice their own exam, can complete the task. At the critical moment, Guan Xiaodi sacrificed himself to help his teammates complete the task. At the end of the assessment, in the face of four successful graduates, the strong Guan Xiaodi cried, but the strict devil instructor smiled. Turns out self-sacrifice is the most important test. Guan Xiaodi passed the final assessment with his friends in the first place and became a real bodyguard. Thus the five golden flowers will open a legend about the spicy female bodyguard. 1, Guan Xiaodi (Deli Reba is acted the role of) a rebellious sense of sex, and beautiful and beautiful violent girls, like and their brother Liang Dawei, no blood relationship, inherited the "father" of the good genes, in the face of cruel training, have a kind of tenacity not to yield. 2, Liang Dawei (Marco is acted the role of) proud prince, handsome and charming. Guan Xiaodi, a violent girl with rebellious sexual feelings, is a brother and sister who have no blood relationship. He followed his father's example as a child and learned to be good at kung fu. 3, Cui Tianqi (Wang Yang is acted the role of) Guan Xiaodi's bestie, lovely girl, with high IQ, balance and memory is very good, is a latent undercover. Terminally ill, known as the Pink Panther, Internet savvy. I like Liang Dawei. 4, Xiong Kuohai (Shao Bing is acted the role of) special forces, Guan Xiaodi father, Liang Dawei adoptive father. A stern, upright, humorous man who treats life meticulously and passionately; The demands on Liang Dawei are high. Reference source: Encyclopedia - Mala deformation meter