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What is the symbol of Japan

2018-03-23 16:00:42

The Japanese symbol is ", "the Chinese" stop ", but in Japanese it is used as a "comma", called "読" (とうてん) is pronounced "テン". ", "also means" comma ", pronounced "コンマ", and "コンマ" also has a decimal point meaning. The Japanese symbol is characterized by the ":", colon, pronounced "コロン". ". , period, Japanese for "period くてん", pronounced "マル". ". The commonly used point in email and website is pronounced as "ドット" in Japanese. "?" In Japanese, it is called "ぎもんふ" and read as "クエスチョンマーク" Questionmark. If you want to learn Japanese, you can go to the beginning of the skirt is 712, the middle is 576, the end is 482, live every day to share Japanese dry goods, which can learn and exchange, there are materials can be downloaded, there are tutorial materials you can get.