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What is the word ti two tone

2018-04-16 01:36:45

ti two sounds are: Ti, titi, ti, hooves, crow, ti, titi, titi, tiertieri, tiertieri. 1. Lifting: Holding something with a ring, handle or rope in the hand: lifting pot, lantern. 2, title: writing or speech content of the general title: title, theme, topic, subject matter, theme. 3. Ti: Orange: Ti clothes (ancient knight's clothing), Ti curtains, and Ti riding (the cavalry guarded by the emperor when he went on tour, and then the cavalry who arrested the prisoners). Tone: Tone has the role of distinguishing meaning, Mandarin "" and" "(sh) different tones and pitch, intensity are related, but its nature is mainly determined by the pitch. Scales in music are also determined by pitch. In the pronunciation process, the vocal cords can be adjusted at any time, which causes a variety of different pitch changes, forming different tones.