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What kind of bracelets is more beautiful how to choose jade bracelets

2018-03-17 00:00:17

Nowadays, the charm of the bracelet has more and more won the love of women and become a must-have single item in the accessories of fashionable girls. Like a jade bracelet with ancient charm elegant, warmth overflowing; The silver bracelet injected with modern fashion elements is simple and concise, and the trend is present. With long sleeve collocation is faintly visible, style half-covered; With short sleeves, it is charming and interesting. Wearing a beautiful bracelet is a kind of exquisite feelings, a spiritual sustenance. Have a little indifferent and quiet, let the fragrance of life slowly permeate in the bracelet, enjoy the elegance and quiet! Like glass as pure, delicate, noble and elegant. Said for a long time, then what kind of bracelet is better? How to choose jade bracelet?


Jade jade bracelet jade a cargo


Among all kinds of jade jewelry, the jade bracelet with the largest output and the highest value is also the jade bracelet. Experienced jade carvers all know that when a piece of jade has no cracks and can be used as a jade bracelet, they must first strive to be processed into a jade bracelet. 1, the contestant should carefully observe whether the jade bracelet has cracks (refers to secondary broken cracks, often horizontal distribution), to make a comprehensive observation of the front, back, inside and outside of each jade bracelet, especially pay attention to whether the red line of the jade bracelet is cracked or damaged, because serious cracks are the fatal injury of the jade bracelet. 2, to use a keen eye to find out the flaws of the jade bracelet (including the black or yellow spots on the jade bracelet, white "stone flowers" and the original jade pattern is not broken); At the same time, pay attention to whether the shape of the jade bracelet is very round, whether the thickness of the strip diameter is uniform, and whether the polishing is satisfactory. 3. Pay attention to whether the size of the mouth of the jade bracelet and the thickness of the strip diameter meet the needs, which is related to the fat and age of the buyer, such as middle-aged and elderly people like a slightly thicker strip diameter, while young people love thin strips. 4, a good jade bracelet should be "colored." "Kind" refers to the delicate crystal and transparency of jade; "Color" mainly refers to emerald green, if it is beautiful violet, cyanine or chic "three color jade" or "four color jade" is also good. In general, we should firmly remember the following four phrases: first check the crack to prevent death, defects to be less work to fine, the size does not match the difficult transaction, "there is a colored" boutique.


In the purchase of jade bracelets, it is not difficult to test how big the mouth you need to wear, there are two main situations: 1. When the buyer is present, as long as the jade bracelet can be put into 4 long fingers (that is, except the thumb) to the "tiger mouth", feel a little tighter, and then remove the jade bracelet and measure the inner diameter, for example, it is just 55 mm, then this size is your suitable ring mouth. If you like it a little looser, increase it by 1-2 mm so it can be easily put on or taken off. Some people like to wear a smaller jade bracelet, or even wear it and do not intend to take it off, then you can reduce the above size by 1-2 mm, and try it on the spot. When trying on, put some dish soap or soapy water on your hands, ask others to help, and force the jade bracelet into your wrist.


2. When the buyer is not present, it is best to know the size of the jade bracelet he needs. Some people surround their wrists with a small rope at home, and then ask others to buy the jade bracelet with a small rope, which is difficult to be accurate. In terms of color, young people like lighter jade bracelets, middle-aged and elderly people like darker tones, young women like red and green varieties, light green cyanine varieties and gorgeous violet jade bracelets. Middle-aged women like light colored mung bean green, oil green and rich violet jade bracelet. The elderly most like violet or red plus emerald green and white "Fu Lu Shou" three-color jade bracelets, poor economic conditions like dark green green bean green, oil green and melon skin green jade bracelets. In addition, Baidi blue jade bracelets with obvious verdant green are almost universally loved.


Jade merchants have a mantra: "no grain, no jade." This sentence has a certain truth, such as using a 10x magnifying glass or the naked eye to carefully observe a jade bracelet, some small jade veins (also known as jade sashes) is not surprising, these jade veins in addition to damage the beauty of the jade, the firmness is very little impact. Cracks are another matter, it is in the jade mining, transportation, processing or preservation process, due to explosion, percussion, vibration or fall and form secondary cracks, these cracks often have obvious cracks, even with nails can be scratched. The color of the crack is often black or tan, although the bracelet with this crack will not immediately crack, but it is lurking the danger of easy to break, especially affecting the beauty, giving a person an imperfect and unpleasant feeling, affecting sales. Some people say that beautiful women are born to be beautiful things, beautiful and gentle and lovely women are the best of beautiful things. Her warmth, like a wisp of breeze blowing, refreshing; She is charming and pleasant, like a branch plum blossoms, pleasing to the eye. However, the most beautiful woman also needs accessories to dress up and embellish, without expensive gold and diamonds, sometimes just a special bracelet will suffice. Hao Hao fiber wrist is already eye-catching, if paired with a small and unique glass jade bracelet will increase the charm. Between the waves, the elegant charm of the wrist is revealed, and the endless style of the whole body comes.