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What kind of milk powder can cats drink?

2018-04-01 19:12:26

The cat's demand for milk powder is still very large, it can be said that milk powder is a necessary thing for cats, because not every stage of the cat needs to supplement nutrition. So cats can drink milk powder. So what kind of milk powder can cats drink?


When many owners drink yogurt, they like to provide the remaining yogurt in the box to the cat, the cat also likes to eat, it is heard that the cat will have diarrhea after drinking milk, and some owners dare not provide too much. So, why do cats always say that drinking milk causes diarrhea? What should we do if the cat drinks milk and has diarrhea?


Milk is a favorite food for cats. Milk contains most of the nutrients that cats need, but some cats can't digest milk, and cats with easy stomach problems can't eat milk, because milk is not easy to digest. The lactose content in milk is high, and cats generally lack lactase and are prone to lactose intolerance. Some cats will have diarrhea or bloating after drinking milk, and in this case, feeding should be stopped immediately. For cats that can eat milk and have no side effects, after drinking milk, be sure to provide it to let it drink itself.


Although milk contains many nutrients, it is not a major healthy cat food. A low-lactose milk can be used instead of cow's milk. Here we talk about sheep milk powder, goat milk nutritional value is higher than milk, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium is very rich; The protein structure of goat milk is the same as that of breast milk, contains a large amount of whey protein, and does not contain the opposite sex protein that can cause allergy in milk. Therefore, goat milk is easier to digest and absorb than other dairy products, and will not cause stomach upset, diarrhea and other dairy allergy symptoms; The fat particles of goat milk are one-third of the volume of milk, which is more conducive to absorption, and long-term drinking of goat milk will not cause obesity


Especially for young kittens, not only need to supplement sufficient amount of energy to maintain normal physiological functions, but also do not supplement sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc., to help development, young demand for various nutrients is also higher; My cat likes sheep milk powder, which adds extra full fat milk powder and skim milk powder, milk source quality is safe, hypoallergenic ingredients are more easily absorbed, and some taurine, lysine and vitamin A, C, D3, D-calcium pantothenate are added. Can provide more nutrients for pets.


Cat sheep milk powder can be fed for a long time, but we must pay attention to appropriate feeding. When I was young, I mainly drank cat and sheep milk powder, and when I was a little older, I could mix cat food in cat and sheep milk powder, which can easily solve the problem of picky eating of cats, and it is rich in nutrition.