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What kind of security concept should we have?

2018-05-06 03:12:11

Safety is something we have always emphasized, and it is something we have always done. Be safe at school, be safe at work. So how should our security concept be constructed? Or what kind of safety concept should we have?


Involving their own home safety issues. Like the usual safety issues at home. Hot water should not be touched easily, and there is a danger of using gas. The use of microwave ovens, as well as refrigerators may explode, and the risk of chargers catching fire are all home safety that we should pay attention to.


Pay attention to public safety. In public places, you can also go with each other, and pay attention to the mobility of the crowd. Look for any suspicious characters when you walk around. People with children should also pay attention to whether the child is running around, and can not be held by unknown people, or pulled away, so as not to be abducted by traffickers.


Pay attention to traffic safety. Nowadays, there are more and more cars in society, so traffic has become a big safety hazard. Obey traffic rules, don't run red lights, and walk at zebra crossings. Be careful not to overload the car. You can't get in a black car like that and create a safety hazard for yourself.


Security in terms of public order. Now the society is relatively stable, so this aspect is relatively safe, but if there is more than riots or other situations, we must pay attention to their own personal safety, can not be arrogant. If there is anything, it is best to call the 110 police and let the police deal with it.


Our food safety. Now our food adds too many things, and some things are harmful, so we must carefully choose our food. Like some unfamiliar food, try not to eat. The channel of buying food must be regular, so as to avoid the hidden danger of poisoning.


Fire safety. It is possible that we are relatively easy to cause a security failure. Usually a little attention, it may cause fire accidents. We must be alert to our fire source, and if we use a fire source, we must extinguish it in time. You have to watch it go out before you go.


You must pay attention to safety. Safety is not just saying, we must do it seriously, otherwise the accident caused is the impact of a lifetime. Put security into your heart, improve your awareness of security, and take certain safety precautions for things you don't know. That's how you keep yourself safe.

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