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What kind of wine is recommended in Chinatown in Manhattan?

2018-04-04 00:00:29

Generally, Chinese people go to Chinatown in Manhattan to play in New York. Where to eat well is a must.


Visa, money, plane tickets


N.Y. Noodletown Ricofuku Noodle Restaurant is known for its Hong Kong style, salted shrimp, a variety of noodle soup, and hours of operation until late at night, which are the reasons for its popularity. Address: 28 1/2 Bowery: 212-349-0923


Green Bo RestaurantGreen Bo restaurant focuses on dishes. Here you can enjoy authentic lion's head, dried yellow croakers with seaweed, rice cakes and Xiao long bao. Address: 66 Bayard Street: 212-625-2359


Ping's Seafood In addition to the variety of fresh seafood, Shing Fai City is also famous for delicious Chinese snacks. The dining environment is comfortable and credit card payment is accepted, so there is often a line, but the wait is not long. Address: 22 Mott St. : 212-602-9988


Wo HopWo Hop is open 24 hours and is a great place for late diners. Chop suey, fried noodles, and other traditional dishes are delicious, but a little greasy. Address: 17 Mott St. 212-962-8617


Hop Kee's dishes are not only delicious, but also cheap. From sliced fish with seasonal vegetables and fresh squid with salt and pepper, to fried pho, roast duck, and wontons, Heji rice makes traditional Chinese dishes taste delicious. Address: 21st Street, Mott St. : 212-964-8365


Nyonya If you want to try Malaysian food in Chinatown, Nyonya is the place to go. The prices are reasonable, and the roti canai is especially good, so customers often have to wait in line, but the wait is not long, and by the time you get to your mouth, it will be worth the wait. 194 Grand St. : 212-334-3669 Wine and beer available


Nha Hang Pho Viet Huong is a Vietnamese restaurant where the pho is delicious and the interior is unappealing. Regular customers love the rich beef dishes, especially the grape leaf beef and beef salad. Address: 73 Mulberry St., 212-233-8988


Shrimp in Congee walnut sauce, ginger and shallots, and assorted porridge dishes are among the most popular choices here. Address: 98 Bowery: 212-965-5028

Matters needing attention

Street wine generally develops rapidly, and the specific situation is subject to the local website.