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What makes a good firefighter

2018-03-17 14:24:46

Firefighters shall conduct fire patrol every day to determine the personnel, content and location of the patrol, and the contents of fire patrol every two hours during the business period shall include:


1, there is no violation of the use of fire, electricity: it is prohibited to use fire at will; Food and beverage fire: there shall be no flammable and combustible dangerous goods within 1 meter of the microwave oven and stove, the net distance between the stove and the gas cylinder shall not be less than 0.5 meters, and the soft length of the connection between the stove and the gas cylinder shall not exceed 2 meters. Soft should be regularly checked, regular replacement, ignition rod need to be used, with the fire end of the gas valve closed in time, the operation room of the smoke hood and flue inlet within 1 meters, should be cleaned every day. The exhaust flue shall be cleaned at least once every 60 days, and the cleaning shall be recorded; Fire for construction: issue a fire certificate, clarify the professional qualification of fire people, fire watch people, fire extinguishers, fire boards and other preventive measures, whether there are chemical dangerous goods on the site, there is no oil workers cross operation, when the welding machine 2, 5 meters shall not be flammable and combustible, after 30 minutes shall not leave the person to do a good job of cleaning without fire; Electrical wiring should be approved by the Department of Design, engineering and Security by professional holders according to the power and number of electrical equipment to use the standard wire equipment that meets national requirements. The distribution of wires in the shopping mall must use rubber jacket wires. Simple hazardous materials such as twist wires are prohibited.


(2) Whether the safety exit and evacuation channel are smooth, whether the safety evacuation indication signs and emergency lighting are intact: the safety exit shall not be closed, blocked, the threshold shall not be set at the safety exit, the evacuation door shall be opened in the evacuation direction, and the rolling shutter door, revolving door, hanging door and side door shall not be used. Steps are not allowed within 1.4 meters of the door and outside the door. Indicating signs shall be set on the top of the safety exit and the evacuation passage and its corner from the ground height of 1 meter below the wall; The spacing of the indication signs set on the evacuation channel shall not be greater than 10 meters, and the landmark shall not be defective. Emergency lights shall be set up at the safety exits, evacuation passages and key parts in the business area. The continuous lighting time of the emergency lighting shall not be less than 20 minutes, and the minimum illuminance of the ground shall not be less than 0.5 lux. The main evacuation passage shall lead directly to the safety exit, and its width shall not be less than 2.4 meters; The width of the auxiliary evacuation route shall not be less than 1.5 meters. No stalls or goods shall be set up in the evacuation passage.


3. Whether fire fighting facilities, equipment and fire safety signs are in place and complete: any shop or individual shall not damage or misappropriate, dismantle or disable fire fighting facilities and equipment, shall not bury, occupy or block fire hydrants, shall not occupy fire spacing or block fire truck passage. The doors and Windows of densely populated places shall not be equipped with obstacles that affect escape and fire fighting and rescue, the fire soft, hose and gun head in the fire hydrant must be in good use, the annual inspection of the fire extinguisher is effective, the lead seal is intact, and the pressure standard, and the fire equipment, equipment and facilities shall not be used for matters unrelated to fire fighting and rescue work


4. Whether the normally closed fire door is closed, and whether items are stacked under the fire shutter affects the use: The mall is used as a Class A (90 minutes) fire door should be closed, and items shall not be stacked at 1 or 5 meters under the fire shutter.


5, fire safety key parts of the personnel on the job: power distribution room, computer room, warehouse, kitchen personnel responsibility implementation and management. Warehouse items should be divided into stacks, each stack area should not be greater than 100 square meters. And ensure the "five distance" : the spacing between the stack and the stack should not be less than 1 meter, the spacing between the stack and the wall should not be less than 0.5 meters, the spacing between the stack and the beam should not be less than 0.3 meters, the spacing between the stack and the column should not be less than 0.3 meters, and the spacing between the stack and the lamp should not be less than 0.5 meters. The width of the main passageway in the warehouse should not be less than 2 meters. The storage of items shall not crowd out or affect the use of fire control facilities and equipment. Tungsten iodide lamps and incandescent lamps of more than 60 watts are not allowed to be used in the warehouse. When using low-temperature lighting fixtures such as fluorescent lamps, fire prevention measures such as heat insulation and heat dissipation shall be taken for ballasts; The ballast should not be set in the smothered ceiling. Mobile lighting fixtures are not allowed in the warehouse. The horizontal distance between the lighting fixture and the storage item should not be less than 0.5 meters.


Fire inspection personnel shall promptly correct the violations, properly dispose of the fire danger, can not be disposed of on the spot, should report immediately. The first fire should be reported immediately and put out in time. Can report the leader to call the fire alarm (119), you can press the nearest fire alarm button alarm Third, fire inspection, inspection should fill in the inspection, inspection records, inspection personnel and their main personnel should be signed on the inspection, inspection records.


Regular inspection and testing of automatic fire fighting facilities in accordance with relevant regulations, and issue test reports for future reference.


Central control fire patrol personnel are also the security force of the security Department, in case of suspicious people and suspicious things to follow up and handover, The illegal behaviors and dangerous behaviors of shops and individuals (smoking, taking photos, rollerblading, taking pets, staying in the channel for a long time, distributing advertisements, doing customer service investigations, news media unauthorized collection, customer disputes, customer complaints, unauthorized construction, dangerous handling, improper clothing, fighting, etc.) should be detected, questioned and stopped in time to ensure the rights and interests of legitimate people and maintain the orderly operating environment of the shopping mall. Pay attention to self-protection when on security duty.


Fire inspection personnel shall not enter the area of independent management without authorization, work needs, should be more than two people with the consent of the superior, the head of the area can enter, and cooperate with the person in charge of the work.


The inspection found that the doors and Windows were damaged, and the signs of theft were immediately reported to protect the scene and not blindly processed.


For aerial work inspection, construction personnel shall not wear soft-soled shoes, shall not wear spikes, shall not throw tools by hand, shall not work at wind level 6 or above, shall not have a gap in ladder, cushion height, anti-scratch Angle between 60-70 degrees and the ground, shall not have two people working at the same time on the ladder, shall be stuck firmly, shall be supervised by someone using the ladder in the channel, and shall not wear gloves when using the hammer. If the work is higher than 2 meters and there is no fence, the safety belt must be worn. ! Electric welding, toothless saw, grinding wheel, bench drill to check the use of the environment to show the welder, etc., power supply, wire use should meet the requirements.