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What product whitening effect is good

2018-03-15 01:36:53

White skin is the pride of women, especially for Asian women, but now there are many whitening products on the market, in the end what product whitening effect is better? MM choose whitening products, can not only refer to the product promotion, brand reputation and product advertising, real beauty people in addition to look at the brand, they have shifted their eyes to the product formula table. Only products with effective whitening ingredients can truly play the role of whitening. Here I will teach you how to choose whitening products by looking at the ingredients!


Quality whitening products essential ingredient 1: fruit acid extracted from fruit an acid, which is extracted from sugar cane glycolic acid effect is the best, currently the most commonly used. The function is to remove the excessive keratinized stratum corneum, stimulate the growth of new cells, and help to remove the fine lines of the face, fade the epidermal pigment, and make the skin more soft, white, smooth and elastic.


Quality whitening products essential ingredient 2: kojic acid in the comparison test found that the existing whitening ingredients, its effect is the most obvious. Kojic acid is generally extracted from penicillium, Aspergillus and other filamentous fungi, is a toxic cell, so it has not been fully popularized in the market. According to the latest research report from Japan, kojic acid may be a carcinogenic risk.


Quality whitening products essential ingredient 3: arbutin arbutin, also known as myricetin and ursine leaf, is extracted from the leaves of the bear fruit. At a concentration that does not affect cell proliferation, arbutin can accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin, thereby reducing skin pigmentation, and it is relatively safe. Arbutin is a whitening raw material commonly used in high-end cosmetics in recent years, such as Patel's microcrystalline whitening essence and Herborist New Seven whitening essence.


Essential ingredient of high-quality whitening products 4: Vitamin C is one of the earliest representative additives used in whitening products. Its security is good, but its stability is poor. If not protected, it will quickly lose its activity in the cream. In order to stabilize it, various methods have been proposed, such as using the pectin in orange meat to maintain natural activity until it is destroyed and released when applied to the skin.


Essential ingredient 5: Aloe Vera Vera is used in whitening products because it has a good care effect on the skin after sunburn and reduces the skin darkening caused by ultraviolet stimulation. Aloe Vera is a surprising beauty plant discovered in the 1990s that can do almost everything - moisturize, protect against sun, remove freckles, remove wrinkles, whiten, prevent aging, and even care for hair. It is said that the use of fresh aloe vera juice was a secret formula of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.


Quality whitening products essential ingredients 6: Licorice, mulberry extract extracted from the root of licorice, generally added to the sun care products, used to eliminate subtle inflammation on the skin after intense sun. Licorice extract is safe. Mulberry extract is the latest whitening ingredient developed by the French, the effect is mild and effective.


Quality whitening products essential ingredient 7: Endothelin Orange antioxidant endothelin uneven distribution in the skin, is the main cause of color spots. Endothelin orange inhibitors enter the skin and can bind to melanin cell membrane receptors, rendering endothelin ineffective. Endothelin Orange resistance is a very new raw material that represents the latest level of whitening technology today.