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What recipes do pregnant women eat to ensure the safety and healthy nutrition of mothers and children

2018-05-15 00:00:58

Our family eats the most is: Emperor Jian Gong eggs below carefully say that Emperor Jian Gong eggs are different from ordinary cage-free eggs 1, from the unique ecological environment, chickens eat a variety of green wild plant food unique to long, drink natural spring water, people can drink the spring water directly. The chicken eats this weed and wild vegetable protein, thus avoiding the intake of animal protein (such as bone meal, feather meal, etc.) and the chance of infection with other viruses and bacteria. 2, chickens eat weeds and wild vegetables, pure long natural wild plants, its own has the effect of detoxification and anti-inflammatory, chicken eating not only will not get sick but has a preventive and therapeutic effect on its own, and make its bones and muscles texture change, make it more robust; The weight of the chickens has also changed, with an average reduction of 8%, the skin has changed from ordinary white to golden yellow, and the meat is very delicate. Chickens produce 55% less eggs than normal chickens (because the wild forage they eat contains no hormones). 3, the vitamin A and vitamin E contained in ordinary eggs are artificially added to the feed, including the color of the egg yolk can be artificially changed from the chicken feed, and the high nutrient trace elements in the egg are from pure natural long wild plants, not artificially added! Djian Gong egg has the characteristics of high protein, high vitamin, high amino acid, high lecithin, high unsaturated fatty acid, low cholesterol, low fat, five high and two low! 4. Dijian Gong Egg special gift box for pregnant women: Laying hens for pregnant women. In the plant materials eaten, there is no wild vegetable such as Acanthopanax softening blood, and more wild plants rich in lecithin and folic acid are added. Thus more suitable for maternal consumption. Its chicken low fat, good taste, chicken tender not greasy, normal iron pot to stew for more than four hours. There's a lot more. Maybe next time