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What should 11-12 months baby pay attention to?

2018-04-25 17:36:58

11-12 months baby need to pay attention to a lot of places


Bring up children




Eleven months baby: 1, learn to stand. 2, create an environment for the baby to think independently, do not disturb the baby when playing with toys or blocks, if you buy a new toy and see the baby is still playing with other toys, do not interrupt the baby, and so the baby does not play, then tell the baby to play with new toys, otherwise the baby will not concentrate on anything, will be used to dabbling.


3. Look at pictures and learn to call animals. 4. Don't use baby walkers.


5, the baby willfulness can not be condoned, can transfer the baby's attention, or wait for the treasure to calm down and then deal with.


12-month baby: 1, let the baby turn the book more, you can exercise the flexibility of the fingers, accompany the baby to read and read, insist on watching every day, and develop the baby's active reading habit.


2, training the baby to walk, the baby fell, must not help, pain guide the baby to get up, the baby will be slow at the beginning, slowly will get up by themselves, such a baby strong, independent.


3, give the baby the opportunity to speak, if the baby wants to take the cup, do not immediately hand it to him, to encourage the baby to speak out. To often train the baby to speak, 12 to 24 months is the baby's oral expression stage, should train the baby to take the initiative to express their needs. The best time to learn spoken English is from 2 to 4 years old, so you don't have to wait for school to learn English.


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