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What should I do if the outside glass of the car fogs

2018-04-14 12:48:26

When the outside glass of the car fogs, the following measures can be taken:


Open the Windows for ventilation: Opening the Windows to allow indoor and outdoor air to circulate helps reduce moisture on the glass surface and reduces the possibility of fog.


Use the air conditioner in the car: Turn on the air conditioner in the car, select the fog removal mode, and set the temperature within the appropriate range, so that the air conditioning system can help quickly remove the fog on the glass.


This page is based on experience


Use a wiper: If the fog is light, you can use a wiper to remove the fog, and at the same time turn on the spray function of the wiper to keep the glass surface moist and reduce fog.


Clean the glass surface: Clean the glass surface regularly to remove dirt and oil to reduce the possibility of fogging.