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What should I do if the outside glass of the car fogs

2018-04-14 14:24:39

When the outside glass of the car fogs, the following methods can be adopted to solve the problem:


Open the Windows for ventilation: Leave the Windows open for a while to allow air to circulate and help the fog disperse.


Use an onboard demister: Most modern cars are equipped with an onboard demister, which can be turned on by pressing the appropriate button or rotating the regulator.


Use the air conditioning system: Turn on the air conditioning in the car and choose the wind direction to blow out the glass to speed up the evaporation of water vapor on the surface of the glass.


Apply foggers: Apply special foggers to the exterior glass of the car, according to the product instructions, these foggers can quickly remove fog.


Use a wiper and spray: Turn on the wiper and spray, let the water wash off the glass surface, and then use the wiper to remove the water and fog together.


Clean the glass surface: regularly clean the exterior glass of the car, wipe with glass cleaner and a clean cloth or paper towel to keep the glass surface clean and reduce the generation of fog.