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What should I do if the screw is screwed

2018-04-05 19:12:19

In daily life, screws are often encountered, such as installing electrical appliances, furniture toys, sanitary utensils and kitchenware, etc., for various reasons, there will be the phenomenon of screw head screwing, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. Here's what to do if the screw is screwed?


Because there are many kinds of screws, the form of the screw head is also diverse, so it is necessary to treat the specific situation, if the countersunk Phillips screw is twisted, it is best to choose to re-punch the screw head, re-tap, and re-screw.


If the countersunk phillips screw is screwed, and there is a remedial place around the screw, you can punch a new hole next to the original screw position, tap, and then assemble.


If the semi-round head phillips screw is twisted, it is easier to do some, you can use a small wrench to clamp the outer diameter of the screw to remove and replace the new screw.


After the self-tapping screw head commonly used in the home is twisted, the above two methods can be used according to the specific situation, in addition, the screw head can be flattened with a file, and then a small saw blade or knife is engraved with a trace, and then a line head screw is removed or tightened.


Sometimes after the screw is screwed, you can change the tool can also be loosened or tightened, after the cross head screw is screwed, you can choose a straight head screw or a larger cross head screw to screw, maybe sometimes can be used.

Matters needing attention

There are many ways to screw, but specific problems should be analyzed and treated concretely.


The remedy must pay attention to safety and even force.