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What should I do to prepare for taking my baby outdoors in summer?

2018-04-19 16:00:10

Just after the five small holiday, many parents are planning the Dragon Boat Festival holiday with the baby to travel together, but the summer to play outdoors is really a challenge for the baby's resistance, but no child is willing to stay at home all day and toys, they are eager to go outdoors freely stretch their limbs, breathe fresh air, so it is wise to take the child outdoors, but It is necessary for my mother to prepare in advance! 1, do a good job of mosquito repellent work with children to travel outdoors, if frequently encountered mosquitoes, happy mood is bound to be disturbed. Red and yellow colors that are too bright are particularly attractive to mosquitoes, and we can choose blue and green light-colored clothes to travel. In addition, there is a kind of aedes mosquitoes most like to "land" on black clothes, should also pay attention to. On hot summer days, we and our children like to wear sandals barefoot. But in this way, the mosquitoes will be more sensitive to the skin humidity of our body, in order to avoid the baby by mosquitoes, we have to prepare for the baby mosquito repellent spray or repellent cream beads, and to choose natural formula products, can avoid causing irritation to the baby's skin, can be a good way to help the baby away from mosquitoes ~ baby sunscreen clothes, sunscreen, hats, anti-mosquito spray Fog, mosquito bracelets, mosquito patches. 2, do a good job of timely hydration work children play outdoors, often play sweat, in order to ensure the child's sufficient physical strength, it is necessary to timely supplement water for the child, so the mother should promptly let the baby supplement water. It is important to pay attention to teach your baby the correct way to drink water. And when drinking water, the baby should only drink a few sips of water at a time, increase the number of times to drink water, and supplement water when not thirsty, so that the water is balanced and orderly. At the same time, the baby's stomach is still very fragile, cold drinks are not allowed, bottles, cups, thermos cups can not be less! 3, the number of diapers to take depends on the amount of the baby, first take some in the suitcase. And the summer weather is hot, diapers should be light and breathable, since the baby is easy to play without burden, it does not take up space in the suitcase. Xiao Bian is generally used for the baby Shubiqi, into pants a take off a wear outside is very convenient to change, but also very breathable will not suffocate the butt. The baby has a lot of exercise outside, and Shubiqi's pants are light and light, so that the baby feels less stuffy. 4, do a good job of safety and health measures Mom and dad have begun to let the baby out of the house, to nature, to society, which is very good. Let the baby fully contact nature, contact with different people and things, is the best development of the baby's intelligence. However, from another point of view, it also increases the chance of the baby to contract diseases. Therefore, when taking the baby out, health and other issues should be of particular concern to parents. If you are far away from going out, you can't avoid living in wine, but the hygiene of wine really does not let us rest assured, adults can not stand the child is more likely to be infected by bacteria, so be ready for disposable toilet mat, water and bacteria! Also have a thermometer, fever-reducing medicine, cold and cough medicine. 5, toys toys do not bring too heavy too big, with a few baby usually at home like to play, bell toys and so on. Here also remind parents to remember to bring wet paper towels and handkerchiefs oh, convenient to wipe hands and wipe sweat. The above is about taking children outdoors in summer, and what preparations to bring to travel. If you have ideas, please add them.