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What should I do to sweep the tomb during Qingming Festival

2018-03-31 01:36:43

The Qingming Festival, between April 4 and 6 in the Gregorian calendar every year, is one of the important traditional folk festivals in China, and was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list in 2006. Qingming is an activity to worship the dead, and ancestor worship is bound together with filial piety, if you do not participate in ancestor worship, is a person who is not filial, a person who forgets the ancestors. So what should we do to sweep the tomb during the Qingming Festival?


Faint scent


Hell paper


Fresh flower


As more people now advocate civilized sweeping, so now many people will choose a bouquet of flowers to replace the traditional burning on Qingming, one can protect the environment, and the other can also express grief. As for the choice of flowers is usually chrysanthemum, because the ancient Chinese chrysanthemum as the flower of sustenance, there is the meaning of missing and nostalgia. White chrysanthemum is the most suitable, can also be paired with some green grass, such as lilies, green leaves, carnations, etc., will be more beautiful. Yellow chrysanthemum is not suitable, because it is called chrysanthemum, more suitable for visiting patients.


This article is based on experience


Burn paper money. This is not a kind of worship at present, but the traditional middle-aged and elderly people still prefer to burn paper money to express their condolences.