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What should I pay attention to on a long bus?

2018-05-08 20:48:42

There are many people who take a long-distance bus to go to the field for the first time, college students who go to school in the city may not have been far away before, so the car is more nervous. So what should you pay attention to on a long bus ride? Let me just give you a few notes.


Buying tickets: To buy tickets at the coach station, buy tickets at the ticket window or book tickets online and then pick up tickets at the self-service ticket machine at the coach station. You can buy your tickets a day in advance so there's no rush.


Luggage: When there are a lot of luggage, you can list all your luggage on a piece of paper, and when you get on and off the car, the paper will not be lost, and the luggage will be lost on the car.


Mineral water: Now all long-distance buses are basically air-conditioned in the process of driving, so the water of people will be reduced, and the water needs to be supplemented.


Do not sleep on the car: Now many people like to sleep on the way to the car, the time is faster, but in fact you should not take it lightly, because a lot of thieves will seize the opportunity, like the Spring Festival, new college students will commit crimes during the enrollment in September, so do not sleep on the car, to look after their valuables and luggage.


People with motion sickness: If you are a person with motion sickness, then you have to go together, ride with acquaintances, then you can eat motion sickness medicine, and carry a good plastic bag to prevent motion sickness when vomiting.


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