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What should I pay attention to when traveling to North Korea?

2018-05-09 00:00:41

To introduce you to the problems and taboos that should be paid attention to when traveling in North Korea, so that you have a pleasant trip in North Korea


North Korea is located on the north side of the Korean Peninsula, along with South Korea. All other factors aside, the country has many attractions, both scenic and exotic, that are worth seeing. We in China are close to North Korea and it is very convenient for us to go to North Korea.


North Korea is a beautiful country, but it is also a very sensitive and serious country. North Korea and our country is a strip of water, is a neighbor. I went to North Korea a few days ago, and I will tell you what I think you need to pay attention to when going to North Korea.


It is best to register with the department before going to North Korea, which can be done together with the passport application, and then travel to North Korea with peace of mind. So that the Chinese embassy in North Korea can be notified in case anything goes wrong. But usually nothing happens. The North Korean people are very kind.


To travel to North Korea, be sure to be accompanied by a guide and driver of an official North Korean tour group, do not visit North Korea alone. Also out of politeness, it is best to prepare a gift for the guide and driver. The tour guide is usually female, the driver is usually male, and you can prepare gifts as appropriate.


When traveling in North Korea to take photos, it is best to ask the tour guide and driver first, where can I take photos? There are many places where they are not allowed to take photos, departments, construction sites, etc. Don't get in trouble while taking pictures.


When you leave the North Korean border, it is best to upload photos to your laptop, and when you leave the country, you may be asked to check your camera and the photos in it to prevent the loss of important photos you have taken.


Don't expect locals to speak to you in a foreign language, so stay close to your guide and driver; If you can, it is best to bring a translator, because the tour guide and driver will leave you at some point. It will be easier for you in the morning when the guide and driver are away.


Do not wear any religious and political accessories, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings and add trouble to your journey. Because North Korea is still a very orthodox country, religion and other political factors are not allowed.


There are many statues in North Korea, which show their respect for their leaders and heroes. When the guide asks you to bow before the statues, you do it. While it won't hurt you if you don't do it, it could get your guide in trouble when he goes back. Please remember that!


Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea, and although this is the cultural politics of North Korea, it is quite noisy here, and there are non-stop propaganda programs on public television, so you'd better wear headphones to avoid disrupting your trip and ruining your mood. There's a lot to watch in Pyongyang, so keep your chin up. Have a nice trip to North Korea!