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What should parents do when their baby goes to school

2018-03-27 16:00:41

These days are in the children's school time, and a group of children are about to leave the arms of mom and dad, into the school life, many children are the first time to leave mom and dad, naturally mom and dad are very worried about children, but school is a child's life must go through the process, as parents, we in addition to worry about not willing to, We also want to teach children independent self-care ability, so we will talk about today, before the baby starts school, what should parents do the most?


Parenting knowledge


The baby is the first time to leave the parents, it is inevitable that there will be nervous and helpless emotions, as parents, we should try to eliminate the child's fear of unfamiliar environment and people, must relax the mind, can not be sad in front of the baby or cry directly, increase the child's fear.


Parents do not blindly spoil the baby, which is harmful to him, teaching children to have basic self-care ability is the responsibility of every parent, such as eating, washing their hands, drinking water, children must master these basic life skills before going to school.


The school schedule is very regular, but the child's own biological clock and the school schedule are different, so, in order to better ensure the school life, a few days before the school parents should consciously cultivate the child's schedule, as far as possible in accordance with the school schedule as the standard.


Training children's lunch habits Children's energy is effective, the school lunch break is generally about 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., so parents should also cultivate children's lunch break habits in advance to avoid children to school.


Now most kindergartens are very humanized, a few days before school, there are parent-child experience time, that is, take children to school to familiarize themselves with the school environment and participate in activities, and exercise the habit of integrating children into the collective.


The last point is very important, that is, when sending your child to kindergarten, you must leave promptly and decisively, do not cause emotional fluctuations to the child, and do not want to bring the child home when the child cries a little, which is more detrimental to the child's school life.

Matters needing attention

School is a necessary process in every child's life, and parents should learn to relax and accept it