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What should you do when you meet a parent for the first time?

2018-02-20 04:48:00

Fall in love, engage in objects, over a long period of time, both sides to see parents is the only way, how to see parents when you can better show yourself, so that parents get recognition? I just talk about my personal understanding, I hope to help everyone!

Find out what his/her parents like

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Be modest and polite to parents and use honorific titles

To meet parents, parents are very important to our first image, many people in the actual relationship are based on the first image to judge a person, so to meet parents, reasonable and decent dress is very key, boys wear casual clothes, must avoid wearing colorful clothes, so that people have a very unreliable feeling, the first image is very poor. A set of elegant skirts for girls is a very good choice, high heels are not too high, less perfume, not scatter is the best.


After seeing parents, take the initiative to say hello, and use honorific, do not let you wait for the object to be introduced, you also wooden fish bumps, do not know what to do. And when greeting, be appropriate, don't be nervous, don't be timid. As the old saying goes: It is not strange to be polite, so the sweeter the mouth, the better.


In the chat after the meeting, parents are sure to ask you some basic situation, I personally think it is best to do the following: 1, do not hide the fact that their family is not good (I said is a normal love girl, do not have something to do with the exception). 2, don't be embarrassed to talk about their parents without status, parents raised you, education you, you can be so higher than your origin of people fall in love with, that you have a lot of advantages, to be proud, not humble, not arrogant, to be humble in the face, proud in the heart. 3, do not be willing to be indecent, inferior, eager for parents to agree immediately, before meeting to spend a little time, consider how to speak appropriately, cope, educated appearance.

Moderate intimacy in front of his/her parents

Many people will feel that do not want to show a little love in front of parents, so that they will be more agree with the two sides together, anyway, I personally think that the performance of love is no problem, but must pay attention to a degree, excessive performance, will reflect you like to do, will make parents disgusted; But nothing is not possible, so this degree should be mastered by yourself. We can do the following small actions to show intimacy: 1, when eating, because it is the first to meet with parents, a little cramped, so you can give your other half a dish, 2, eat dinner to him/her cut fruit, 3, hand in hand when entering the door is OK, 4, taboo: It is not very suitable to be touchy-feely in front of parents, and we must pay attention.

Appropriate performance

If it is the woman to meet the parents, the most can show you is that when cooking, you take the initiative to help, and take the initiative to wash the dishes after dinner. Of course, under normal circumstances will not let you wash, you are a guest, must be let you sit for a while, watch TV or something, but we still have to do etiquette, and this is also to show themselves.


The man sees his parents, and the woman's family is rural, it can have you show, your eyes must have life, take the initiative to do everything you can do. This is how the author has shown that the parents of my object are more and more like, although I did not eventually come together, but now I and her parents have it. Her parents still feel bad about it. I'm not very successful. Quack quack

Matters needing attention

Personal opinion, I hope to meet the parents of friends to help.


If there are inappropriate places to write, please do not be offended, this is my personal experience, not necessarily suitable for everyone. Thank you!!