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What to do to prepare for pregnancy

2018-04-23 03:12:10

Any expectant mother, upon learning that she is pregnant, is first surprised, and then begins to worry, and check out all kinds of things that need to be prepared.


Maternity underwear underwear baby items identification


If you are at the beginning of pregnancy, you can actually prepare things slowly. The most important thing is balanced nutrition, folic acid, mood.


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Baby items can wait until stable after slowly prepared, carefully selected, the most important is safety and comfort.


The delivery package must be prepared before the due date, so that you can pick it up and run to the hospital when you are in labor. The maternity bag generally contains pregnant mother's clothes, sanitary napkins, baby's clothes, bottles, diapers and other nursing items. Of course, the most important thing is the documents.


In addition to the above to prepare, to buy things, do not forget to handle a variety of documents, birth permit, file, medical insurance card, epidemic prevention certificate and so on.


Pregnant mothers must pay attention to relax, keep a good mood, to meet the arrival of the baby.

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