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What to do with too many bananas?

2018-03-30 00:00:28

Sometimes if you buy too many bananas, storage time is relatively long, it is easy to put the banana to bad, many people do not know how to start at this time, so today Xiaobian will teach you a good way, no longer have to worry about their own bananas at home.






If you have the rest of the bananas at home have not eaten and are afraid of bad, then you can try such a practice at home, if there are children in the home, they will especially like to eat, next we will take a look at the new practice of this banana, this banana practice is called black sesame banana.


First of all, we need to prepare some ingredients: 7 bananas, 45 grams of starch, two eggs, an appropriate amount of bread crumbs, an appropriate amount of black sesame seeds. We need to remove all the skin from the banana and then cut two equal lengths with a knife. Rinse the cut bananas, drain them and put them in a bowl.


Take another plate, pour the appropriate amount of starch, the banana has just been processed, evenly coated with a layer of starch, and then put two eggs inside, beat the eggs with a whisk, but be sure to follow a direction and keep stirring after stirring, we can put these eggs on the banana has just been wrapped in starch.


The next step is to use the black sesame seeds and bread crumbs that we have just prepared. Prepare a bowl, add the breadcrumbs and black sesame seeds, and stir continuously with chopsticks. Then we have just processed the banana, into the bowl, so that the banana evenly stained with a layer of bran and black sesame, neatly placed in a plate inside.


Add the right amount of oil in the pot, when the oil temperature is 7 into the hot, the banana has just been prepared into the pot for frying, then this time until the banana becomes golden on both sides, you can take out the oil control, but the banana in the pot do not fry for too long. Remove the fried bananas, blot the oil with oil blotting paper, and neatly place them on a plate to cool slightly before eating.


Then such a particularly delicious black sesame banana is done, it looks like people feel a big appetite, so if you buy too many bananas at home, can not eat up and worry about putting bad, we can use such a method to make this not afraid of bad small snacks, for people with children in the family, both clean and nutritious, and do not worry about breaking. It won't taste bad if you keep it in the fridge.

Matters needing attention

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