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What to know about Aden

2018-05-01 04:48:00

Aden is a very pure tourist resort, which is a very attractive place for those who fight at work all day, after work to see only crowded, traffic lights flashing city people, when you face the beauty of Aden, eager to rush into its arms, please think of the following questions.


If you like to see pure snow, then go to Aden in winter, about November every year, Aden began to fall snow, the snow here is particularly white, here, to see the snow for several months, it is really able to let people experience the beauty of the snow.


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Aden people are also particularly diligent, go to Aden do not need to choke the time, because the scenic spot there is particularly early to open, if you live not far from the scenic spot, we get up early to eat early to enjoy the tour.


In Aden accommodation, many people may choose to live in a personal home, so that although they can experience the warmth of home, but there are problems, that is, the problem of communicating with the local people, and the security awareness is also necessary, it is not as safe as living in a serious tour.


Since Aden belongs to the plateau area, it will certainly feel that there is not enough oxygen, so be prepared enough, bring good clothes, medicine, bring small bottles of oxygen, and then slowly adapt to the environment.


If you go to Aden to see the snow, you must wear a down jacket, a scarf and a hat, because we want to keep the heat of the body so that it will not freeze, and protect the head, it will keep the heat.