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What toys are suitable for children of all ages

2018-03-27 11:12:49

As your baby grows, there are many types of toys he or she is exposed to. The toys parents buy for their babies are also varied. Because of the influence of traditional educational ideas, the family will give priority to buy educational toys for children to play. It ignores the age of the baby. What toys are suitable for children of what age, there are concerns. For children, too intellectual toys are not suitable for younger children, because they do not know how to play; For those more simple and boring games, older children do not want to play, naturally will soon be interested in them, and new toys have not really shown them, they have become old toys. How to choose the right toys for children is actually a very advanced learning. Under the premise of choice, parents should first understand what toys are suitable for children in each period. From birth to 1 year old, the physiological characteristics of this period are faster than any period of growth and development, neurological development is also very rapid, weak immunity, prone to infectious diseases. Optional such as bed bell, teether, crawling mat, etc. Bedbell: Develops perception, hearing. Children at this stage often lie in bed, will not turn over, will not move, it is the training of "auditory" and "visual" period. Training auditory toys to focus on the tone, quality and volume of sound; Can be placed on the crib and children's fence for children to lift, shake, grab, squeeze, simple design. Teether: Exercise your baby's chewing ability. Children about seven or eight months old, are growing deciduous teeth, gums, see things want to grab, want to bite, the choice of toys during this period, should be made of non-toxic plastic or rubber. Crawling mat: promotes the growth and development of muscles and bones. When the baby is crawling, because the head and neck are raised, the chest and waist will be lifted very high, which is conducive to enhancing the function of the respiratory system. Should choose no plastic taste of the crawling pad, such crawling pad using the fabric is PE cotton non-toxic and tasteless; The surface of the crawling mat is best convex and convex, which can prevent slip and noise, so that the baby will not easily fall, even if it falls, there is no fear of danger. Safety tip: Pull the eyes, buttons, parts, objects and decorations on the toy to ensure that the child cannot pull them off and ingest them and suffocate; Ensure that the toy surface coatings and materials are safe and non-toxic; Make sure the toy does not shatter when dropped or dropped from the child's height onto a hard surface. 1 to 3 years old is the early childhood period, the physiological characteristics of this period is that the physical growth rate is slower than that of infancy, the language and movement ability is significantly improved, and they will walk, but there is no safety awareness and self-protection awareness, prone to accidents. Available for purchase such as toy ball, assembly toy, drawing machine, toy car, building block toy, jigsaw puzzle toy, etc. Toy ball: Develops sensory perception, language ability, motor coordination ability. Babies at this stage are interested in anything that can move. They are most attracted to colored balls that can roll. They will roll forward when they push the ball with their hands. They will also crawl and chase the ball. Products such as soft ball, beach ball, rubber ball, simple outdoor games and so on. Building blocks: Exercise small muscles, develop shape, spatial reasoning ability. At this stage, children enter from "toys with me" to "I play with toys", so the choice of toys to sound, light, fall resistant, and creative is appropriate, such as building blocks, can choose large components, easy to control, and a small number; Larger pieces of jigsaw puzzle; The edges are smooth; A simple human form, animal, house, car, etc. Easy to stack and secure. Such as larger blocks or soft plastic, plastic blocks and components are put together, puzzle units are placed in the shape of the outline, simple puzzle games, etc. Drawing toys: Cultivate children's interest in drawing and develop their observation. This period should choose the product shape is large and easy to take, the package is less than or equal to 6 colors, no moving parts. Such as painting utensils include wax crayons, crayons (wood as the substrate), chalk, finger painting, brush, prepared water-based paint, seals, etc. Modeling materials should be soft. Safety tips: Make sure toys are too big for children to swallow; Make sure there are no sharp objects or protrusions on the toy to prevent the child from injuring his eyes or getting stabbed; Make sure the crayons and clay are non-toxic. 4 to 6 years old for the early school age, this period of children's physical development continues to grow, there are still mild hands and feet inflexibility, careless and not quiet characteristics. Tricycles and helmets, bicycles, puzzles (10-20 pieces), dolls and costumes, story books, play scenes with characters and accessories and other toys are available. Toy car: During this period, the baby has been able to basically control various parts of his body, can drive the "car", can drive fast, slow, and can also ride the "big horse". If the "car" can also carry some of their own small toys, and they can act as transport drivers, it is really a lot of fun. Electronic organ, tambourine, xylophone, etc. : toys to cultivate interest, mold temperament and develop aesthetic ability. The appearance structure of the toy electronic organ is generally pocket or portable, using a small keyboard. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, narrow range, less analog timbre, low price, mainly for children's entertainment or cultivate their musical interests, can also be used for general entertainment for adults. High-end toy electronic organ produced abroad, some with storage function, can play the music memory, and replay, and some also have a simple automatic accompaniment function. Intelligence toys (chess, cards, puzzles, etc.) : During this period, attention should be paid to developing intelligence, training the agility of thinking, and exercising hands-on ability. Hands-on ability is an important ability of human beings, and people who have received higher education do not have strong hands-on ability. The development of practical ability begins at a young age. Educators believe that hands-on skills begin with games that children are interested in, and if they are not trained from ages 3 to 8, they are missing out on this optimal period. These children grew up to be less skilled than those who had been trained.