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What young people should know about workplace etiquette

2018-02-23 12:48:00

A young person who has just entered the workplace and understands etiquette will increase the goodwill of colleagues and leaders, and most of us know its importance. So today I've put together some simple business etiquette tips that I hope will help you.






Handshake etiquette. Shaking hands is about "the venerable first", with women as respect and leaders as respect. If the woman or leader does not take the initiative to shake hands with you, remember not to extend your hand first. Look at each other, smile, bend over, keep your feet together, and hold your right hand firmly.


Salutation etiquette. It is inevitable to meet with leaders in the workplace, so the name is crucial, and it is best to match the position in the workplace, such as manager Zhang, Wang, Li and so on. Addressing others should be "high, not low", showing respect for others in the address.


Etiquette for receiving small gifts or business cards. Both hands bend down to take it, thank you, quietly read the name on the business card, and expressed a thunderous look, so that the other side will have a sense of respect.


Reception etiquette. The key is to use good civilized language, hello at the beginning, please casually, thank you at the end. And be sure to show respect for the guests, guests sit first I sit. When guests want to leave, follow the principle of "guests get up first, I get up."


Eating and seating etiquette. High authority, seniority of the elderly sit on the upper, under normal circumstances, is the farthest from the door for the upper, back to the solid wall for the upper. But there are also special cases, the TV is right, the scenery window is right, should be upper.


Other manners. Young people face many complicated situations, so learn to adapt to change. Being polite, smiling, speaking politely, being modest and studious are essential.

Matters needing attention

Learn to adapt


The cultivation of etiquette is not overnight, it needs to be gradual