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What's the Year of the Prostitute movie about

2018-05-05 00:00:09

Story: Mori Nakato Collar (Matsuzaka is acted the role of Lee) dropped out of college, working in a bar, muddling through the day. One day, the Niulang friend Tajima Shin-ya brings the guest Shizuka Mido (Shin Fei Sheng) to the bar, and the story begins. O Ling, who has no interest in love and women, accepts Shizuka's "passion test" and goes to work at the members-only boys' nightclub where Shizuka is the boss. Ah Ling was confused at first, but he gradually discovered the hidden desires of women through his work, and gradually became attracted. Show details: Chinese name: Prostitution Type: Drama Production Region: Japan Filming Location: Japan Director: Miura Daisuke Scriptwriter: Kurowa Tsutomu Starring: Matsuzaka Tomori Release time: March 12, 2018 Dialogue Language: Japanese Color: Color