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Where is the Chinese counter of Japanese E-flatbread

2018-04-05 08:00:17

The Chinese counter of E-cake has Wangfujing, IFS and other shopping malls. E flatbread is a powder, rather than ordinary powder, has a better setting effect. The role of powder powder is concealer, which is the same as liquid foundation or powder cream, and the role of powder powder is to set makeup, with some additional effects such as oil control, brightening, etc., there is no hiding power, and how powder powder superimposed will not make makeup mottled. e flatbread is divided into portable and family. Portable bag as the name suggests easy to carry, suitable for going out makeup; Family clothes are more cost-effective, durable, and suitable for women who wear makeup a lot. Related information: E cake currently has a total of 6 color number 1 color - matte white. If you really do not know what color to buy, your skin is relatively white, and you have oil control demands, you can choose No. 1. Color No. 2 - A little more pink. There is a sense of ruddness, after all, the base of Asian people is still mostly yellow skin tone. Color No. 3 - Natural soft transparent color with yellowish tones. If the skin color is dark and black, recommend this color, very natural yellow tone soft focus. Color No. 4 - pearlescent white. To tell the truth, this pearl can not be seen at all, is a three-dimensional polarized feeling. The overall face is more transparent than the matte one. The most oil control color number, mixed oil, oil skin recommended. Color No. 5 - the strongest color with pearlescent sense; Many people say that the color is dark, personally feel that it is the most natural color, but also very suitable for yellow skin, pearl face looks very good, oil control slightly weak, suitable for mixed dry skin. No. 6 color -- New excellent number; Pink white feeling, also known as "poor"; I like the first choice of delicate pink cute color. Oil control is average. Many people say that number 6 is the whitest, in fact, number 6 is more pink and white. Powder powder is mainly used for makeup, is a mixture of powder and matrix pressed into beauty cosmetics, its shape changes with the shape of the container. Powder is mainly used to repair the uneven parts of makeup and the parts that fall off. General powder packaging is exquisite, with powder puff and small mirror and other accessories, easy to carry around, less powder flying when used. The above content reference: Encyclopedia - Powder