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Where is the enzyme material for Sea Emperor incubation

2018-03-01 04:48:00

At the end of the deep Sea Trek, it is necessary to make incubation enzymes to help the Sea Emperor hatch in order to successfully pass the level, and the small partners do not know where to find the deep Sea Trek incubation enzyme materials, the following is a small series to bring you a guide to this aspect, so that you can successfully hatch the Sea Emperor and perfect the ending.


A computer


Deep Sea Trek game


To make the hatching enzyme, you need five ingredients: crown grass, ghost hand grass, Kush sample, tree mushroom sample and evil eye grass. With five ingredients: crown grass, ghost hand grass, Kush sample, tree mushroom sample and evil eye grass, you can make hatching enzyme from Neptune.


Crown grass: Crown grass is a very common material that can be found in the cracks of Neptune Prison and is the easiest to obtain.


Ghost Hand grass: Through the portal above Neptune Prison, first return to the lava area, ghost hand grass is on the side of the Tree of life, probably southeast of the tree of Life on the other side of the lost River, the number is very large, as long as the player comes to this side can see ghost hand grass at any time.


Kush sample: In Neptune Prison, go to the alien base through the portal, open the map, mark escape pod 12, and then go to escape Pod 12, the Kush sample is on the road between the portal and escape pod 12, you can collect the Kush sample with a knife.


Tree Mushroom sample: After collecting the Kush sample, the player returns to the same place and walks in the direction of the escape pod to get the tree mushroom sample.


Evil eye grass: Evil eye grass this material is also very simple to get together things, two or three hundred meters underwater everywhere, just dive two or three hundred meters can see evil eye grass.