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Where the flowers are flourishing, the ancient emperors are --

2018-04-09 11:12:18

A trip on the go, one or two companions, this station, the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties - each place has one or two famous scenic spots that people are familiar with, just like it is a pity not to go to the Great Wall, not to the Great Wall is not a hero, an imperial capital that unified the country for the first time in history, the Terracotta Warriors and horses of the Emperor Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum and the Huaqing Pool where Tang Ming Emperor and Yang Guifei loved to bathe together, It is also the site of the world-famous "incident". At the railway station there is a special tourist line, including, along the way, Huaqing Pool and Terra-cotta warriors, the first stop, Huaqing Pool, the love story of Tang Ming Emperor and Yang Guifei, Bai Juyi's everlasting regret song, spring cold shower Huaqing Pool, water smooth wash. Son help up Jiao weak, the beginning is new Chengenze. A bloom of time,? Quietly open in the water, Tingting Wuhua, out of silt and not dyed, flowers in the gentleman. Oath table, things are different, people have gone, love in the temple, the sun and moon in the palace. The weather in May, is already a hot summer, flowers bloom, the most classic illustration in the textbook finally have the opportunity to look at, um, the great art and the ancient superb skills, to leave us such a valuable cultural heritage. As a friend who always travels on a budget, we came all the way to the hard seat of the train, the high temperature outside of more than 40 degrees, really sleepy, but the hall of the first pit is really cool, a night of tossed, so that I such a happy-go-lucky child can sleep anywhere. Well, I just wanted to sit on the steps and have a rest, and I accidentally slept for an hour or so. Continuous mountains, blue sky panda, souvenirs seem to be yes, haha pre-booked wine, nearby, there is a snack street oh, play a day, really very tired, however, we still play up the spirit to go to the snack street, however, it seems not to find, and then roadside random to eat a little, then who points to...... No lamb bubble after a sleep, the whole person is in the spirit, a hearty breakfast, meatballs Hu spicy soup, Mei Mei da the next day itinerary: Datang Garden, big, and big Jiaotong university, encounter a group of first-year military training dolls built school for a long time, the tree is thick, like our school is the same, summer is the best, because the campus can not see the sun, mei mei da...... When I was in school, I always liked to send postcards. Every time I went to a city or a scenic spot, I would always send postcards to myself and a bunch of friends. Please call me a literary young man, Smida. On the road, not alone...... Meet a better self.......