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Where to go to play - experience talk

2018-02-19 09:36:00

As a person, I love this beautiful city, in the short stay, the understanding of it is also one-sided, below write some of their own experience.


Shopping I accompany my girlfriend shopping, in fact, from the road to the pedestrian street, a lot of buses, we generally take the tour line 1 and 2 cars. There are a lot of roads to the pedestrian street, and it is tired enough to stroll down. Before entering the road, you can also visit the department store and Lihua shopping Plaza. Shopping tired there are also a lot of places to eat and eat snacks Wal-Mart shopping plaza


Play Bayi square kite flying, Bayi square every day there are a lot of kite lovers gathered here, high kite flying, very beautiful Qiushui square to see the night view Tengwang Pavilion tour history of cold pressure people Wenbao gourd, leisure and relaxation mood Meiling - a good place for vacation leisure


This article is based on experience